For reservations by telephone and in writing, we send you a confirmation by post, your reservation is definitive upon receipt of this confirmation.

Payments must take place according to the plan below:
1st instalment of 50% to be paid within two weeks after reservation.
2nd instalment of 50% is to be paid 3 weeks before arrival.

In the case of cancellation of your reservation, we charge the following:
Up to 3 months before date of arrival: 15% of the total amount.
Up to 2 months before date of arrival: 50% of the total amount.
Up to 1 month before date of arrival: 75% of the total amount.
Within 1 month before date of arrival: 90% of the total amount.
In the case of cancellation on the date of arrival, if period reserved is cut short, 100% of the total amount is charged.

A cancellation cover is automatically taken out open reservation, if you do not wish to avail of this, you need only transfer the reservation amount excluding the cost of the cancellation cover.

If you take out cancellation cover, you pay 4,5% of the total amount and you are insured against the following:
• Sudden illness and/or accidents in relation to a member of the family.
• Serious illness or death in the family of a member not travelling with the rest of the party (1st or 2nd degree).
• Unexpected call-up for military service, other than in the case of mobilisation.
• Involuntary unemployment of the family breadwinner.
• Sighificant damage to the business or home, which requires the presence of the insured.
• Unexpected house-move or allocation of renatal accommodation.
• The inability to use the method of transport and/or camping goods intended for the holiday owing to theft, fire, or unexpected engine or car demage within three weeks before the planned day of arrival..

The above conditions apply for the campsite, hikers’ huts, group accommodation, hotel and the yacht marina.

Conditions campsite seasonal pitches

The flow capacity is 6 Ampere (1320 Watt). The package of a seasonal pitch includes 300 kW; a preseason pitch includes 150 kW. After the season is over, your electricity usage will be checked. In case you have used more, you will receive a bill afterwards.

Environmental costs
Environmental costs are included to the seasonal pitch. A seasonal pitch is: 1 camping equipment, 1 small tent (for childern who still live at home). Seasonal pitches are personal.

Terms of payment
The reservation for your pitch is official after receiving your signed agreement. The total amount is due to be made in 3 periods:

First period of 10% ought to be made withing 2 weeks after the receipt of your confirmation.
Second period of 50% ought to be made before January 31
Third period of 40% ought to be made before March 31