Arrival and departure of guest
You are obliged to report to reveption upon arrival and when departing. On the day of your arrival, you can check in from 2.00 pm. Your allocated space must be free before 12.00 midday. It is possible to say a little later outside of the high season, by prior agreement.

Guests of De Kluft Recreation Centre assume full responsibility for damage to property of the Recreation Centre. The managemant is not liable for any accidents that may happen to guests, nor is the management responsible for damage, loss or theft of property belonging to any guest.

Cars may only be parked at official car park spaces. Please load and unload your car as quickly as possible, and only upon arrival and departure. Keep to the asphalt sections. We aim for a car-free premises. Maximum speed 6 km/hour.

Barbecuing is off the ground only, and with coals only. Open fires are not permitted, so no fire baskets or braziers!!

Visitors are to the campsite are very welcome. Visitors can park in the parking lot in front of the barrier, or by the nature study path. visitors are not permitted to bring dogs. As a guest of the campsite, you are responsible for your visitors. Please ensure that they also keep to the campsite regulations.

A (fishing) boat, without a fixed roof, with a maximum length of 5 metres, is permitted at the campsite. Boats can be launched on the water via the slipway. You may not sail faster than 6 km/hour on the Weerribben-Wieden. We have space for larger boats at the marina.

Bread shop
This is located in the snack bar, and you can buy fresh rolls here every morning from 8.00 am to 12.00.

Conditions of campsite
We operate the standard conditions of Recron (Dutch organisation for recreation entrepreneurs). Our conditions of delivery are filed at the Zwolle Chamber of Commerce, and are available to anybody at reception. The management is entitiled to forbid or deny access to the grounds any person.

Fences, etc.
It is not permitted to set up fences, poles, permanent windscreens or party tents.

Pets are permitted on the campsite spaces intended for them. Guestst may have a maximum of 1 pet per campsite space. Dogs must always be on a short leash, and may only be released outside of the grounds.

Campsite space
You must erect your tent, etc., in the middle of the allocated campsite space. This exact location is indicated by a numbered pole. The erection of party tents is not permitted.

You can have post delivered and despatched. Post that has come in can be collected from reception from 2 pm. You can place post going out in the red letterbox at reception, we empty this daily and bring in to a T.N.T. post box.

You must report to reception upon arrival and when departing, and any amounts owing can be settled here. You can use your laser card, Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard. All the information you may need is here, as well as any answers to questions you may have about the campsite and the local area.

Recreation building
The recreation building is located behind the playground and is open when a recreation team is present (during Ascension Thursday weekend, Whitsuntide and the high season).

Reservation of holiday spaces
If you have reserved a specific campsite space, we cannot provide a watertight guarantee that that campsite space will be available. There could be circumstances in which we must maken some restrictions. For this we ask your understanding.

Peace and quiet
We ask that you drive your car on the grounds as little as possible. The maximum speed is 6 km/hour. Moterbikes are not permitted. Loud music is forbiden, with the understanding that radio or television may not be audible outside. Before 8.00 am and after 9.00 pm, unnecessary noise must be avoided. From 11.00 pm to 8.00 am there must be absolute silence. The barrier at the entrance is also closed at this time. No visitors may be on the grounds between these times. Ask them not to beep their horns while driving away.

We have more than 5 sanitation buildings, which are cleaned regularly and kept in good condition. The sanitation buildings on the campsite and by the marina have special children’s corners. One sanitation building on the campsite and the marina has a shower/toilet for disabled persons. All toil sanitation et buildings work with a SEP key. Will you please ensure that children do not use the washrooms as a play area, do not allow small children to use the toilet without supervision. Let’s all try to keep the facilities clean and fresh.

Snack bar
Like the brad shop, this is located beside the hotel and is open every day from 12.00 noon to 10.00 pm. In the early and late season, opening times are different.

Electricity capacity consists of 6 amperes (1300 Watts).

You can use the SEP key for the entrance barrier and also for the shower and hot water. You acquire th SEP key upon arrival by paying a deposit of €25,00. When you leave, You give back teh key and get your deposit back.

Always necessary: A valid fishing permit or campsite licence, which is available at reception.

There is a laundromat with washing machine, tumble dryer, spin dryer and ironing facilities near in the harbourmaster’s building and in the recreation building.

The shop is located in the marina area and is open from Ascension Thursday weekend. Here you can buy fresh rolls, newspapers, etc, every day. The opening times are on the notice board.


Wordt één met de natuur en verblijf in een van onze gerenoveerde gezellige blokhutten.

binnen en buitenACTIVITEITEN

Wordt één met de natuur en verblijf in een van onze gerenoveerde gezellige blokhutten.

kanoschoolVOLG ONS

Wordt één met de natuur en verblijf in een van onze gerenoveerde gezellige blokhutten.