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TIP 3 days: hotel arrangement “Ontdek de Weerribben”

You’re welcome in our restaurant at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. You can choose between coffee and pie or a consumption with dutch snacks. One day you can discover the beautiful area of the Weerribben by electric boat. You receive a well stocked picnic basket on the go. For the other day you will become a bicycle for your trip in the National Park Weerribben – Wieden. For both excursion you become roadmaps.

We serve both nights a delicious three cours diner in our restaurant. The dinner is à la carte, this means you may choose of the menu. You can enjoy the breakfast buffet in the morning, for a good start of the day.


~ Arrival with 2 cups of coffee and pie or a consumption with ‘bittergarnituur'(dutch snacks)
~ 2 nights incl. breakfast buffet and 2 Three cours evening meals à la carte
~ One day bicycle incl. beautiful routes through National Park Weerribben-Wieden
~ One day an electric boat incl. beautiful routes through the Weerribben and a picnic basket on the go

The price is € 177,00* per person.

* Excl. € 1,40 p.p.p.n. tourist tax / environmental costs
* Based on 2 persons per room

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