Canoe school Herbie Bird


Canoeing is an art that can be learned at canoe school Herbie Bird. From to bottom, from young to old, from beginner to advanced, private or in a group. Own or rented material, everything is possible.

What do we do? 

Canoe school Herbie Bird is a real canoe school. Witch canoeing is meant the sail with a canoe; this goes with a sting paddle and typically there are dangers with two people in a boat. These boats are also known as “Canadian”. This is not to say we can’t do with a kayak, because even kayaks are readily available on The Kluft.

The curricula will be aligned with the question. It can aim to improve the canoe technique. But also the first skills. The moest customers who joined us in the boat are people who have discovered that canoeing yet slightly more than initially thought.

Walking and cycling is as saying it seems. For that reason, many people think that canoeing is easy; that it does not need to be learned. But in practice, it is disappointing. The cause can be found in a lack of technique.

Canoe school Herbie Bird can you teach the basic skills in a short period of time.

Where can you find us?

Canoe school Herbie Bird works from recreation centre The Kluft. We sail in a fairly sheltered area this will virtually not for that lesson by the weather conditions should be canceled. The nature reserve in witch we give our classes is an extra dimension  to our school.
But also the nights are then easy to arrange, Camping with tent, camper or caravan, renting a cabin or room, all this is possible. All in all is The Kluft is a great starting point.

Who are we? 

The canoe school is led by Arij van der Kooij and Rick Kramer. Both of them are educated canoe instructors white a great experience in canoeing, but also quite at home in the kayaking.

Guided tour

We can guide you trough the national park Weerribben – Wieden. During this tour you will get a wonderfull impression of this marshland. We will tell you and if you want to, of course, also a thing or two about paddling. An wonderfull combination of sports and get acquainted with nature. Guiding students during the paddling. We pay attention to safety, give directions about the technique and show you a wonderful itinerary tailored to time and comfortable room up.

How to get there? 

To get in touch whits us, please send an email to: or reach us by phone at phone number: 0651-828955. The contact person is Arij van der Kooij. For questions, you can of course also at the Recreation center The Kluft.